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Who We Are

Ultimate Zoning LLC offers the best quality products in the air conditioning industry. We focus on the commercialization of high quality technology, always keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the spaces that we air condition.

Our vision is to be an innovative leader in the HVAC industry with the best and most efficient solutions for residential, light commercial and commercial applications. Our competitive advantage is rooted in the team of professional engineers on our team, with more than 15 years of combined experience. At Ultimate Zoning LLC we believe in “Efficiency is our motto” which focuses on providing our customers with high efficiency systems solutions combined with high quality and automation solutions to fit any projects needs.

With top-level brands such as Coolautomation, Otec Omega and Hitachi among others, we provide the highest products and performance for South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Markets.

Ultimate Zoning LLC’s short-term expectations are focused on making ourselves known in the market as an innovative company that offers the best sustainable engineering solutions.

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